Important Announcement


The American Auto Club International

Hi everybody.                                                                                                                       27/12/19

It is with regret that I have to inform you that, as of the end of this year, the AACI will be no more. 
As you are all aware, our main purpose has been to raise money for the children’s charity When You Wish Upon a Star and to do so, we held three events each year at Billing Aquadrome. As of this month, we will no longer be doing events at that venue due to the financial issues for us within the revised contracts for 2020 and forwards. We are in no position to, and nor do I wish to, debate the shoulds and coulds, business plans change and it is their venue to do with whatever they feel is good for their business. But it won’t work for us. 
Since I have no desire to work for anyone ex gratis ( other than the AACI for which I, and others in the events team have done for 11 years) the only alternative is to close. 
Existing members will be able to claim their membership fee back from us and a letter of how to do this will be sent out in due course to each of you. 

Whatever monies are left over will be donated, as always, to When You Wish Upon a Star. 

We would like to thank everyone, members or not, who have supported us over the years at our events at Northampton. It hasn’t always been ideal, it’s always been hard work, sometimes fun and sometimes a little too much like hard work. Nonetheless, the people always turned out no matter what and we can only hope that you were, for the most part, happy with how we did things. We’ve met a whole lot of really nice people through all of this and made solid, lasting friendships along the way. 
I’ll no doubt catch up with some of you at the American vehicle events elsewhere in the country, next season. 
All the best for 2020.

©2020 by American Auto Club International. 

Update as of 16/06/2020 

Like everyone else we find ourselves in lockdown. This means that for the time being we are unable to complete the final disposal of AACI equipment, which in turn means we are unable to produce a final figure for donation to Wish Upon A Star. Rest assured that once things return to normal, then we will do this as quickly as possible, and provide a further update here.

Stay safe and thanks for your patience.